The main focus of our work is repairing, tuning and optimising engines.
We make no difference between road motorcycle and racing motorcycle – every motorcycle receives a high-quality treatment in our workshop.

Our customers benefit from the experience we have gained with our various racing teams over many years.

We offer the following services:

  • Engine restoration
  • New construction of high performance road and racing engines
  • Lighten, welding and balancing of crankshafts
  • Bore and hone of cylinders
  • Nikasil replating of cylinders
  • Change of cylinder sleeves
  • Bore crankcase for larger sleeves
  • Cylinder head porting (optimization of channels and combustion chambers)
  • Installation of larger valves
  • Installation of sintered bronze valve guides
  • Replacing and milling valve seats
  • Undercutting of gears
  • DLC coating of rocker arms, piston pins, tappets, camshafts etc. 

In the following picture galleries you can see the tuning and optimizing of engines:

GSF1200 1216ccm